Team Schedules - BU13 Division 2
Flight Notice:
Roster freeze date for this age group is Monday, March 28 at 5 pm. Check with your registrar as they may have an earlier date. Match reports are specific to each match and will be made available to print on the Wednesday before the weekend's matches.

Quarter Final - Saturday, April 23, 2016
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 159826  Starfire Sports Complex  09:00 AM  1 PacNW B02 White C 2 vs.Harbor Premier B02 Green A0
 159824  Camas High School  10:00 AM  Stdm WA Timbers B02 Green B 4 vs.Eastside FC B02 Blue C2
 159825  Snohomish High School  12:00 PM  Stdm SNOHOMISH UNITED BLACK A 5 vs.Blackhills FC B 02 Black A3
 159823  Perry Soccer Complex  01:00 PM  1 Crossfire Yakima -B02 B 1 vs.Crossfire Yakima -B02 A2