Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2016 WA Youth Soccer Presidents Cup tournament for the age group.
BU10 6v6 16 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 PacNW - B06 Maroon A Tacoma 308202012   Neil O Brien
 A2 Eastside FC B05 Grey D2 n/a 201107717   n/a
 A3 SNOHOMISH UNITED RED B Snohomish 143355093   Jacobi Goodfellow
 A4 Eastside FC B06 White B2 North Bend 201107813   Christopher Young
 B1 FC Alliance B05 B Woodinville 210188512   Hector Falagan
 B2 Eastside FC B05 Blue C1 Marysville 201107705   Derek Robson
 B3 PacNW - B05 White C Renton 308202016   Keith Flewelling
 B4 Seattle United B06 Samba Seattle 104162096   Shannon Matthews
 C1 PacNW B05 Blue B Des Moines 308202015   Thomas Young
 C2 Eastside FC B05 Grey D1 n/a 201107707   n/a
 C3 PacNW - B05 Gold D Federal Way 308202020   Linden Fisher
 C4 Seattle United B07 Copa A Renton 104162098   Jacob Gillen
 D1 Eastside FC B05 Blue C2 Marysville 201107715   Derek Robson
 D2 FC Alliance B05 C Woodinville 210188513   Mark Knoll
 D3 Seattle United B06 Tango B Seattle 104162088   Paul Aur
 D4 Eastside FC B06 White B1 North Bend 201107803   Christopher Young

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